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Sunbug Photo

It all started with a dress... I bought this vintage-looking sailor dress when my daughter Annika was born. I was thinking to myself that later I would take a picture of her kissing a boy. I wanted it to be vintage-looking like in an old postcard.

Exactly 18 months later I was chasing 2 toddlers around Stanford to take the photo you see on this page. I had a great time! This - and of course my sweet little daughter Annika who has been my best model since she was a newborn, - got me inspired to start photographing children and babies.

The little bugs grow up so fast! I treasure the opportunity to preserve every fleeting moment and every expression on their precious faces. I love watching kids do things. May be it helps me to remember my childhood and the curiosity I had about the world? It's like a biologist Edward O. Wilson once said:

"Most children have a bug period, and I never grew out of mine."